San Felipe, B.C. Lions Club holds its Board and General Meetings at El Padrino Pizzeria y Restaurante on the first and third Thursday of each month. All members are welcome to attend Board meetings.

The Club is a member of Mexico’s B-1 District and was chartered by Lions Club International on January 26, 2007. Since that time, we have achieved much of which we are proud.

Our commitment is to serve the San Felipe community, thus the Club’s motto: “We Serve.”


How We Help the Community

We partner with The Flying Samaritans, a group of doctors, nurses, administrators, other medical personnel and pilots, who fly into communities to offer their free services to local residents.  The “Sams” medical teams provide medical care to thousands of local residents who might not otherwise be cared for. An eye doctor has been on the team with each of the Sam’s visits and the Club has distributed thousands of eyeglasses to those in need.

Eye Clinics – In addition to visits by The Flying Samaritans, the Lions Club holds several other clinics during the year. Our Vision Co-Chairs visit local schools to alert the teachers of various clinics.

A Slit Lamp machine, donated to the San Felipe Lions Club, performs exams, prescription information and diagnoses cataracts and glaucoma is utilized at all of our Vision Clinics. More recently, our Club has purchased a lens reader which reads the prescription on each donated eyeglass. Prior to the clinics, a team of volunteers gather to sterilize, read and mark the prescriptions and bag and sort the donated eyeglasses.

Our Club has distributed over $1 million worth of donated medical equipment and supplies to local hospitals and physicians.

A Data Scope Monitor was donated to our Club for surgical procedures and was distributed to local medical facilities.

The San Felipe BC Lions Club has been distributing food, comfort and gifts to children and adults in need within our community through its Annual Christmas Giving. Members have accompanied local icon Kuchi Sanchez, going into local neighborhoods and to the homes of the less fortunate to deliver Christmas boxes filled with food and toys. The elderly in San Felipe are perhaps the less fortunate of the needy and their appreciation when receiving boxes of food brings tears to the eyes of our volunteers. It truly has been our pleasure to witness the utter joy and happiness on the faces of the recipients.

Other Projects Include:

Holiday Cheer – Christmas, Easter and Halloween holidays have offered our Club the opportunity of serving San Felipe families. Boxes of food are distributed at Christmas and candy is distributed to thousands of children at “Halloweenie” and the town’s Mardi Gras parade.

Victims of Natural Disasters – Have benefited through our contribution of food, clothing and money. Athletic teams in San Felipe have received donations from the Club, knowing the need for children and teenagers in San Felipe to have positive recreational activities.

Dia De Los Niños (Children’s Day) – Our Club has donated children’s bicycles which are raffled off at a Dia De Los Niños celebration held at a local park.

Sonshine Hacienda and Casa De Fe – The Club contributes annually to these homes for children, regulated by the government.

Las Minitas School Building – Our Lions Club took on the $4,500 refurbishing of the primary school in Las Minitas. Two of its buildings received new roofs and new windows. Electrical upgrades were made, air conditioners installed and the facility was painted.

Fire Equipment and Firefighting Clothing – Donated by the Yuma Fire Dept. was given to the San Felipe Fire Dept.

A long list of beneficiaries of SF Lions Club donations include: Cruz Roja, D.I.F., Mission Food Bank, and the Rehab Center.

The San Felipe, B.C. Lions have made outstanding inroads in its goal to serve the people of San Felipe through its donations of medical equipment, eye care, food and athletic uniforms and money, as well as the labor and time expended by its members.

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San Felipe Lions Club Board of Directors

Guillaume Duclos – President  686 161-8810

 Gary Dilley – Vice President   686 212-3599      

Denise Shaw – Recording Secretary        686 349-9402

Robin Kissee – Treasurer        686 105-7071

Ron WellsMembership      805 231-7716